Why OC 


Great Location. One block away from Chikan Tower ,which is the oldest building in Tainan's West Central District, Originally built as Fort Provintia  in 1652 by the Dutch, the building set the tone as the location of the administrative center of Tainan. 


Great Location. Two blocks away from Guohua Street and Minzu Road (國華街和民族路) ,which is the most famous Street Food locates in Tainan's West Central District


Shennong Street, the typical old Taiwan street, you can see quaint houses in traditional Chinese style, which is just 500meters away from OC. 


A fictionary alley by one famous Tainan Writer Ye Shitao. This allley brough lots of great memories for him. Today you can only only check this alleys physically, google map doesn't work. Luckily Xinmei St. just connects through the alley. 


OC locates in the center of the city, close to all other places. 15 mins walking distance to the Train Station or Bus Station.

2 mins walking distance to Chikan Tower.

10 mins walking distance to Shennong Steet.

15 mins walking distance to Hiyashi Store.

25 mins walking distance to Wusheng Night Market or Garden Night Market. 5 mins by taxi.






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