About us 關於我們

房子目前是我Kiki和先生King共同在打理,从客房规划设计、客房布置、到家俱的制作都是我这个女汉子搞定的,不要怀疑一个土木工程专业毕业生的实力。 我先生的故事更是豐富,他曾經在各大國際飯店工作過,上一份工作是在澳門威尼斯人工作見多識廣,所以現在客人的接待都是他在負責。如果你對我們有興趣,我們都會樂意和您分享更多。
我们对房间的清潔打掃和對床上用品的选择都是按照星级飯店的标准。现在所有的工作都是我們兩個亲力亲为,客房的打掃,布草的清洗和整理等等。 所以我們家的清潔和衛生是絕對是有保障的。選擇我們就對了。
歐嬉是我們的家,我們生活在裡面,工作在裡面。歐嬉客棧是真正的民宿。我們是認真、專業、全職的民宿業者。面對不同客人我們 可以提供台語、國語、英語、粵語、客家話的無障礙溝通交流。我們希望和每一個遠道而來 的客人好好的介紹我們台南,讓每一位客人感受台南的歷史之韻、文化之厚、美食之味。

Hi, traveler.

Firstly, thank you for choosing Tainan among the various cities in Taiwan. Secondly, we appreciate you selecting our place from the countless accommodations.

Our house is a renovated old residence in Tainan, which has been operating for 9 years. Over time, we have made it increasingly warm, charming, and enjoyable. The ground floor features a spacious hall of over 70 square meters, which includes a fantastic beer bar offering special discounts to all guests. Dear friends, you are welcome to come down to the hall and have a chat with us about your travels, dreams, and life. Besides the bar, the hall also has a retro ping pong table. If you happen to be a table tennis enthusiast, I'd love to challenge you and share the joy of sports. On the second floor, we have an open-plan kitchen, so if you're skilled in cooking, feel free to show your talents.

Currently, We (King&Kiki), jointly manage the house. From planning and designing the guest rooms to furnishing them, we are taking care of everything. King has an even more diverse background, having worked in major international hotels, with his last job being at The Venetian Macao. Therefore, he is in charge of welcoming our guests. If you are interested in us, we would be more than happy to share more about ourselves.

We adhere to the standards of star-rated hotels in terms of cleanliness, housekeeping, and selection of bedding. Currently, both of us personally handle all the work, including cleaning the rooms, laundering and arranging the linens, and so on. Therefore, we guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of our home. Choosing us is the right decision.

Our aim is to provide young travelers visiting Tainan with a high-quality homestay experience at an affordable price.

Being the best homestay in Tainan is our eternal pursuit and goal.

OC is our home, where we live and work. It is a true homestay. We are serious, professional, and full-time hosts. We can communicate seamlessly in Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and Hakka to cater to the needs of different guests. We hope to introduce Tainan to every guest who travels from afar, allowing them to experience the charm of Tainan's history, rich culture, and delicious cuisine.